Gamma Knife Team of Specialists

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Gamma Knife Team of Specialists

The Los Robles Hospital Gamma Knife Center was founded in 2006 by two world-renown leaders in the field of neurosurgical stereotactic radiosurgery: Ronald F. Young, M.D. and the late Deane B. "Skip" Jacques, M.D. Today, the Gamma Knife Center continues under the direction of Dr. Young, who has published extensively in the field of neurosurgery and continues to be among the leading experts in Gamma Knife technology.

Their extensive experience, research, and training capabilities have created a Center of Excellence at Los Robles Hospital for the treatment of brain tumors as well as many benign conditions in the brain. This means that the patient has the resources of some of the finest Gamma Knife experts. Collectively, our Gamma Knife physicians have performed over 7,000 procedures throughout the span of their careers.

Effective Gamma Knife treatment depends on the quality of the professionals administering the treatment. As a department of Los Robles Hospital, the Gamma Knife Center has a multidisciplinary team of board certified physicians which includes neurosurgeons James Chan, M.D., Kofi Kessey, M.D., John Lee, M.D., Kapil Moza, M.D., Anthony A. Virella, M.D. and Ronald F. Young, M.D.; physicists Jesse Lee, Ph.D and John Sgroi, M.S. and radiation oncologists Eugene Ahn, M.D., Robert Hesselgesser, M.D., Paul Miller M.D., and Victor Schweitzer, M.D.

Los Robles Gamma Knife TeamPictured from left are Victor Schweitzer, M.D., radiation oncologist; Eugene Ahn, M.D., radiation oncologist; Ronald Young, M.D., neurosurgeon; Jim Chan, M.D., neurosurgeon; Brian Copcutt, Ph.D., physicist; Skip Jacques, M.D., neurosurgeon; Robert Hesselgesser, M.D., radiation oncologist; John Lee, M.D., neurosurgeon; Jesse Lee, Ph.D., physicist; and Paul Miller, M.D., radiation oncologist

Together, this team of medical experts, along with specially trained registered nurses, provide the array of knowledge and perspectives that ensures evaluations are thorough and that each treatment plan is tailored to the patient’s unique medical needs.

This exceptional expertise coupled with the Gamma Knife’s advanced technology offers the opportunity for successful treatment so that you can return to your normal activities as soon as possible.

If you would like additional information, please call the Los Robles Neuroscience Gamma Knife Center at 805-494-0880.