Breast Cancer Survivor

Breast Cancer – Two words that are powerful enough to turn anybody's life upside down. Just ask Katy Hadduck who felt the anxiety and the emotional rollercoaster that comes along with being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Katy is a local Ventura County Resident and the Trauma Systems Manager for Ventura County. With over 35 years of experience as a nurse, Katy has seen her fair share of medical conditions, but when it comes to a breast cancer diagnosis, she is still just as shocked as any other woman would be.

Knowing the delicate nature of women's care, Katy knew she had to visit her gynecologist when she found an unusual red spot on her left breast. With the support of her physician, Katy had tests run in order to get to the bottom of the situation. On October 20, 2011, Katy's fears were made a reality when she received a call from her physician following an ultrasound guided biopsy – Katy had Breast Cancer. This is where her journey to conquer cancer began.

For the next two years, Katy would be going through chemotherapy sessions, radiation therapies, a double mastectomy and finally, reconstructive surgery. Katy's journey to surviving cancer became a part of her life, but did not define it. Although her journey took her through a whirlwind of emotions, she was blessed with the support of family and friends. Katy needed that support – and more.

Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center is honored to be a part of Katy's journey to conquering cancer. Katy is grateful for the attentive patient-centered care that she received from the Los Robles Team that ranged from her nurses and physician, to the dietary and housekeeping staff. Although breast cancer will always be a part of her story, Katy certainly isn't ready to let it consume her. Today, Katy is delighted to spend time with her beautiful family and is excited to tackle her new role as a proud grandmother.

Katy feels extremely blessed to belong to a community that has top notch healthcare right at home. The dedicated team of physicians that were with her through countless treatments and surgeries made all the difference in her journey to conquering cancer. When asked what advice Katy would give to women, she stated, "Surviving breast cancer is a marathon. It's filled with challenges you never thought you'd face. But the longest race begins with the first step, and after that, one step at a time. You can't handle it all at once...but before you know it, you're on the other side of it!"

On behalf of the staff at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center, thank you for sharing your story with us, Katy!

To find out more information about the resources available at Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center, please visit our Breast Center page.