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Cancer Center - Why Choose Us?

At Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center’s Cancer Center, we offer you personalized care in the comfort of your own community. Our resources include:

  • Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator to guide your through your journey to survivorship.
  • Board-certified physicians who use the latest treatment options and surgical techniques.
  • A multi-disciplinary team that is dedicated to providing a patient-focused experience.
  • Private rooms with beautiful valley views.
  • Access to a Genetic Counselor to discuss the hard to answer questions and if testing is right for you.
  • An Infusion Center that has chairs with massage and heating features that can be customized to a setting that is just right for you. Additionally, we offer snacks and meal options for you to enjoy during your treatment.
  • Infusion Therapy to meet your treatment option needs.
  • Clinical trials with our academic partners.
  • Interventional Radiology that focuses on minimally invasive targeted images that can be used for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.  
  • Tomosynthesis, the latest technology in 3D Mammography.
  • Psychological Counseling to aid patients with their needs.
  • Access to advanced radiation oncology technology.
  • Peer support through our Pink Ribbon Partner Ambassadors.