The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Los Robles Regional Medical Center is a 4-bed unit that provides 24/7 specialized care for pediatric patients (infants through age 17). The PICU is designed for patients that are too ill to be treated in a general pediatric setting, and may be experiencing a wide variety of life-threatening issues. Examples of such illnesses include: severe infections, respiratory diseases, trauma and complex post-operative care.

The PICU is staffed by Pediatric Critical Care physicians and nurses specifically trained in pediatric critical care. Our team is equipped to provide patients with a greater level of medical attention and care.

Our PICU team is dedicated to creating a safe environment that is focused on providing compassionate medical care to critically ill patients while promoting families as partners in caring for our patients. We provide family-centered care while addressing the unique needs of each child.

Los Robles Regional Medical Center has the only Level II Trauma Center in Eastern Ventura County and the only emergency room in Ventura County with the coveted EDAP (Emergency Department Approved for Pediatrics) rating, which means that we are qualified to meet the emergency needs of our pediatric patients.