Encouragement goes a long way and in Cristina Hirsch’s classroom it is a trait that her students can count on. Ms. Hirsch was recognized by Los Robles Health System on Friday, December 16th as the Middle School Recipient for the Hero’s Heart Award. An award that Los Robles started last year to honor teachers that continuously inspire our youth to be the best versions of themselves. As part of the award, Ms. Hirsch will receive a $1,000 prize. $750 to go towards her classroom or a wishlist item and $250 to be donated to a local non-profit of her choice.

Ms. Hirsch was selected for being thoughtful in her lesson plans and for her ability to help her students appreciate the differences that we all have as individuals. She instills the importance of self-respect and the power of spreading love and compassion in our communities.

According to Ms. Hirsch’s students, she is highly influential in their lives. Ms. Hirsch is widely respected and is always available when anyone needs help. She often sacrifices her own time by coming in early or staying late to help students with their grammar, writing and comprehension skills.

Ms. Hirsch is kind and comforts all students, from elementary to middle school when needed. In addition, after students graduate from Saint Paschal Baylon School, it isn’t uncommon for students to recall Ms. Hirsch and even think of her influential teaching. It’s noted, that many alumni credit her for helping make their High School English classes easier, which proves that her teaching methods are effective, influential and unforgettable.

Congratulations to Ms. Hirsch, we are grateful to have extraordinary teachers like her inspiring our youth.