On behalf of the Care Team of Los Robles Regional Medical Center, we extend our sympathies and thoughts of support to the victims and their family members as we face this tragic aftermath.

Los Robles Regional’s Trauma Center received 11 patients as a result of last night’s shooting at Borderline Bar and Grill. The patients sustained gunshot wounds and laceration injuries. No patients were admitted and 10 were treated and released. One patient, Sgt. Ron Helus with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department died at Los Robles.

Our hearts are with the family of slain Sgt. Ron Helus and with his extended family, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department and with all of the victims of this tragedy. We are working with our Sheriff’s Office at this hour to return Sgt. Helus, a hero, to his family and his brothers and sisters in the Sheriff’s Department.

Our response began just after midnight as we received the first patient. Our Trauma Center and ER teams, including Trauma Surgeon, Dr. Walid Arnaout and Emergency Room Physician, Dr. David Matero and all supporting departments worked to triage and treat the victims.

Please direct all queries to Ventura County Sheriff’s Public Information Office (805) 654-2417