Physical therapy in Ventura and Los Angeles counties

Rehabilitation means helping you recover from serious injury and illness. Such conditions can often hinder the ability to engage in normal life and complete daily activities. Physical therapy, a subdiscipline of rehabilitation, focuses on building back your strength and mobility after disease, injury or surgery. Simply put, we want to support you in every step of the healing process.

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Patient-centered rehabilitation care

Rehabilitation is a combination of targeted medical care, appropriate therapy and education. At the physical therapy clinic in Los Robles Health System, progress is key. Our experienced rehabilitation specialists and sports medicine staff are dedicated to crafting effective, personalized treatment plans to get you back to normal following injury, illness or surgery. Your treatment plan will be designed for achieving optimal functioning levels, and our staff will also educate you and your family on how to adjust physically, emotionally, and socially to the challenge at hand.

Types of therapy offered

Our rehabilitation program offers the following disciplines:

Physical therapy

Physical therapy (PT) addresses the illnesses and injuries that limit a patient's ability to move and perform daily activities. Through our comprehensive PT program, we will help you increase strength, regain balance, restore ability and reduce or eliminate pain. Long-term benefits can also include greater safety awareness, fall/injury prevention and decreased inflammation and joint swelling.

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy focuses on improving your strength and coordination during everyday activities such as eating, writing and dialing a phone. Our experienced occupational therapists raise the bar for your recovery, educating you on how to better conserve energy, protect sensitive areas and more adeptly perform required tasks such as dressing, bathing and eating.

Speech-language pathology

Speech-language pathology is the practice of helping patients relearn and understand writing and speech. Speech-language pathologists also provide training for patients experiencing swallowing disorders. After rounds of speech-language pathology, you will experience better control of communication and language abilities, increased comprehension and better vocal quality.

Pulmonary rehabilitation

Pulmonary rehabilitation is designed for patients suffering from chronic lung disease. The practice uses exercise, education, and behavioral intervention to improve daily function and to enhance the quality of life. Pulmonary rehabilitation reduces shortness of breath and increases exercise tolerance in an effort to decrease future hospitalizations. Sessions are typically conducted in an outpatient setting or in the comfort of your own home.

Cardiac rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a supervised program for patients who have suffered complications including heart failure, heart attacks or various types of heart surgery. Cardiac rehabilitation is centered around educating patients on healthy lifestyle adoptions to mitigate risks for cardiovascular disease, including exercise, stress management and counseling.

If successful, you will be less reliant on medications and your hospitalizations will decrease, increasing the overall quality of life.

Outpatient services

In addition to our inpatient physical therapy program, we also offer outpatient services at our Rehabilitation Hospital (East Campus), located at the below address:

Los Robles Rehabilitation Hospital
150 Via Merida
Westlake Village, CA 91362