We have all had that favorite teacher that makes learning fun and exciting. For many at Walnut Elementary that is 5th grade teacher, Kimberly Mutolo. Ms. Mutolo was recognized by Los Robles Health System on Monday, December 5th as the Elementary School Recipient for the Hero’s Heart Award. An award that Los Robles started last year to honor teachers that continuously inspire our youth to be the best versions of themselves. As part of the award Ms. Mutolo will receive a $1,000 prize. $750 to go towards her classroom or a wish list item and $250 to be donated to a local non-profit of her choice.

Ms. Mutolo was one of the most nominated teachers this year through the Hero’s Heart Award Campaign and was selected because of the joy and positive energy that she radiates. She has an incredible ability to connect with her students and the ability to build positive relationships. It is through these relationships that she is able to understand what her students need. She works hard to differentiate her instruction to ensure every student is understanding the lessons being taught. Ms. Mutolo’s superpower is the joy that she brings to her classroom and all around her. The heart she brings to her teaching helps her students become better people and students. Ms. Mutolo also supports an after school program and stays until 5:30 p.m. four days a week. Through the program students are able to receive homework help and participate in extracurricular activities from a teacher that knows exactly what they need.

Her students describe her as “someone that has an inspiring personality and is caring, funny, kind and sweet, like a kiwi.” Ms. Mutolo makes everyone feel included and special. She is one of those teachers that will go out of her way to make sure her students have a good day. She helps so many people!

Congratulations to Ms. Mutolo, we are grateful to have extraordinary teachers like her inspiring our youth.