Los Robles Regional Medical Center is proud to be an active and committed member of our community.


As one of the major businesses in the Conejo Valley and Ventura County, we realize our responsibility to its residents, the many non-profit, charitable organizations, and their members, who give selflessly to those less fortunate. Many of our employees, volunteers and physicians are some of those who are actively involved in reaching out to others.

Requests for Sponsorship

If you would like us to consider your organization's request for sponsorship, please call our Director of Marketing & Public Relations, Daphne Yousem, at (805) 370-4678 for information.

Non-Profit Sponsorship

Our Volunteer Program also sponsors non-profit organizations through an allocations program of the funds raised in their gift shop. To be considered for a portion of these funds, please call our Community Services Director, Irene Brennick, at (805) 370-4685.


Our Scholarship Program is multi-faceted. We have structured it with our community and employees in mind. Hospital-supported scholarships are available through our Volunteer Program.

The Los Robles volunteers have set up a program to provide scholarships to graduating high school hospital volunteers, who have shown outstanding dedication to the Volunteer Program, their academics, and citizenship. In addition, they provide scholarships to our volunteer college students, who have chosen a career in the healthcare field, and to our employees for their continuing education.

The Davey Memorial Scholarship Fund

In addition, we are pleased to be associated with the Darrell L. Davey, M.D. Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund which provides financial assistance to qualified applicants studying nursing at an accredited school, college or university. The scholarships are available to full and part time students including those enrolled in Associate Degree, Nurse practitioner, Baccalaureate, master's and Doctoral programs in nursing. For information on how to apply, please send your request in writing to:

The Davey Memorial Scholarship Fund
5737 Kanan Rd, #324
Agoura Hills, CA 91301