Cardiac therapy in Ventura and Los Angeles counties

At Los Robles Health System, our goal is to reduce the impact of heart disease within the communities we serve. Our cardiovascular rehabilitation program helps cardiac patients return to a productive lifestyle following a heart attack or heart surgery. The program is carefully structured to meet each patient’s fitness level and accommodate their capabilities and limitations.

To find out more information about our cardiac rehab program and to schedule an appointment with a cardiac specialist, please call us at (805) 370-4006.

About our cardiac rehab program

There are two phases in our cardiac rehabilitation program:

Phase I: inpatient

The inpatient cardiac rehabilitation program begins when you are still in the hospital receiving our cardiac care services. As an inpatient, you will receive individualized education and counseling related to your diagnosis.

Phase II: outpatient

The outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program begins when your physician authorizes exercise to continue your rehab. As an outpatient, you will participate in a monitored exercise program that is designed for your individual needs. The 12-week program consists of one-hour sessions, three times a week.

The outpatient program is located at the below address:

Los Robles Rehabilitation Hospital
150 Via Merida
Westlake Village, CA 91362

About our cardiac rehab team

Our team of cardiac rehab specialists includes board-certified cardiologists, dieticians and registered nurses specializing in cardiac care. The team works to ensure that regular follow-up information is sent to your personal physician.

Cardiac rehabilitation information series

To help you keep up with the latest information in heart health, we have developed an information series that focuses on heart disease management, including risk factor modification. We encourage all cardiac rehab patients and their families to attend. Classes are held once a week at our East Campus Facility.

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have canceled all our in-person community classes, events and tours until further notice.